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In a prior publication, I provided a concise overview of the blackjack educational institution I established in Toms River, NJ, during the early 1980s with the specific purpose of instructing individuals in the skill of card counting. In addition, I commenced delivering lectures to nearby organizations and civic groups regarding the subject of casino gambling. Subsequently, numerous participants began inquiring whether I provided instruction in craps, baccarat, and roulette, in addition to blackjack. I contemplated the most effective method to impart the fundamental principles of these tabletop games to a large number of students simultaneously through a practical approach. Suddenly, the concept struck me: a casino gaming club.

My aim was to establish a club where members would gather monthly to learn the fundamentals of playing craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. I babu88 login would provide gaming tables for these meetings. After careful consideration, my spouse and I, along with another couple who were our business partners, successfully established the innovative Winner’s Circle Casino Gaming Club. The following elements were included:

An individual or pair who became members of the Club were required to pay an annual membership fee.
Members convened monthly at a nearby eatery. Having dinner before the event was not mandatory, however the restaurant owner typically provided a special discount for our members.
Attendees would gather in a banquet room where I had arranged the gaming tables (that I had acquired), which were operated by student dealers (that I employed).
At the beginning of our meeting, I will deliver a concise presentation on one of the table games. Following that, our members will have the opportunity to engage in practical gameplay on the tables, during which the dealers will demonstrate the various methods for placing different bets.
Each member was provided with a Monthly Winner’s Circle newsletter that I authored and distributed. The weekly encompassed comprehensive details regarding casino gaming in Atlantic City, including the monthly win statistics for each casino, updates on new casino establishments, forthcoming casino promotions, playing technique recommendations, and further information.
Gambling at the tables was solely for entertainment purposes.

As news about the Winner’s Circle spread, the number of members started to increase. I initiated the practice of inviting guest speakers to provide presentations on subjects that I believed would captivate the members. Presented below are two illustrative instances:

A representative from the Casino Control Commission (CCC) delivered a presentation on the functions of the CCC, their specific locations within each casino, and the appropriate course of action for players who encounter an unresolved issue with a dealer’s mistake.
A representative from the World Championship of Blackjack organization delivered a presentation on the strategies and techniques used in tournament blackjack play. Afterwards, I provided training on tournament playing strategy to other Winners Circle members. As a result, one of them successfully advanced to the semi-final round of the inaugural World Series of Blackjack event in Atlantic City.
The demonstrations on the tables were crucial in instructing players about the intricacies of craps, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. That is the reason I made a significant effort to recruit dealers who had recently completed a dealer’s training program in the area and were enthusiastic about applying their newly acquired casino dealing talents while they awaited interviews and job offers from casinos. I recruited dealers who possessed an extroverted six6s লগইন nature, exhibited a congenial demeanor, and demonstrated the capacity to handle inquiries from players with composure during the practice-play sessions. I was fortunate to have recruited a highly skilled team of dealer/instructors who played a crucial role in the success of the Winner’s Circle.

The concept I had devised for the Winner’s Circle was functioning effectively. The vast majority of the members were able to learn how to play the different casino games, understood how to make each bet, knew the casino odds and house edge, and were learning an optimum playing strategy for each game to minimize the house edge. Regarding blackjack, they acquired knowledge of the fundamental principles of blackjack strategy and a beginner-level card counting system. The Club also fulfilled my objective of instructing a sizable assembly of participants on optimal strategies for playing various table games. I thoroughly enjoyed the time and energy I spent with the Winner’s Circle Casino Gambling Club, and from the feedback I received from our members, they felt they got their money’s worth.

Ultimately, I had to terminate the operation of the Winner’s Circle due to the following cause. While I was operating the Club and my blackjack school, I also worked for a large international chemical company that had a manufacturing facility in Toms River, NJ. I began my professional journey as a chemist working in the laboratory, and gradually progressed to become the manager of one of the production units situated within the facility. As part of my professional development, I was asked to take a new position at a plant located in Alabama. After much thought, and discussions with my wife, I decided to accept the job and relocate to Alabama.

My wife and I were sorrowful when we informed the members of our Winner’s Circle Casino Gaming Club that we were going to stop operating. We refunded a prorated portion of each member’s membership fee; however, many refused to accept the reimbursement.

My journey as a casino gambling writer, teacher, and player did not end after I left New Jersey and moved to Alabama. In fact, wherever I moved during the next 30 years, casinos seemed to follow. I’ll explain what I mean in my next article.

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